Saturday, June 11, 2011

JahnSlim the humble host of 

At The Chat Lounge, 
will Be chillin, 
Engaging in discussions,
 Searching for applicable soultions,Sharing ideas, 
Chattin it up on the air, and in the chat room.Resonate and Vibe to Eclectic tunes.

At The Chat Lounge, I will be hosting some fresh tracks from new artist, soon to be known vocal, and spoken word  from around the world

             Show Features.

 Emika Ford 

 California United States

 Emika will be stopping by the Lounge ans share with us, we will be vibing to her latest new single " I wasn't Good Enough"..that will be a real treat to listen while she discuss her motivation and inspiration for her style of performance.

                                                            Monica Monet                         
 Jacksonville,Fl , United States
“Music is my canvas, “ says Monica Monet. “ I am ready for the next level - to show the world what Monica Monet has to offer!”
                      The Poetess
                      Copenhagen, Denmark

                           "There is nothing more powerful than poetry"

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