Thursday, March 31, 2011

Honey Jar Spell

One way to make them, is to get a small jar ( empty baby food jar is good) or any size jar with a metal lid. Add honey, create a name paper.  

The way I was taught was your partners name cross by your name, and circle the command around both names without lifting your pencil from the paper. 
Then anoint the paper with the appropriate love oil. Sprinkle your love herbs on the paper, lavender, Damiana, rose petals etc. 
then fold the name paper with personal concerns around the herbs, folding towards you.
 Place in the honey, then dress a red or pink candle of the appropriate condition oil and burn it on top of the lid of the jar. Let the wax stay on the jar. You can keep the jar for as long as you like. And don't forget to

 pray in your own way

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